Encapsulation is an advanced solution to protect your home from moisture damage.

The underlying problems in a crawlspace are:

  • excessive moisture (can cause dry rot to framing members)
  • mold growth
  • wet insulation at the floor joists
  • odors
  • radon

After Encapsulating:

Encapsulation by: Ahealthyhomesc.com

Encapsulation by: Ahealthyhomesc.com

  • moisture will stay under control
  • mold growth will be impossible
  • air temp will stay consistent
  • control odors
  • control radon

Encapsulation works by installing a heavy duty 20 mil. vapor barrier that is sealed completely.  Once the crawlspace is protected, all of your issues will  be permanently solved.  Including moisture, mold, bad odors, and even radon.

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Traditional vented crawlspaces allow warm moist air to enter through the open vents and raise the moisture content of the structural components.  This will cause an array of issues, such as mold and dry rot, and can further cause damage by bringing moisture to the insulation.  Once the insulation absorbs moisture the resistance decreases and will have to be replaced.

If you do not currently have a protective barrier in place and have an existing moisture problem, you will see signs of mold both underneath and inside.  This is will in turn cause an odor that will often be noticed throughout the home.

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